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That day has finally come, you’re giving in and are ready for that new car or truck.

One of the important factors on your new deal is what type of valuation the dealer gives when you need a price for your trade in. For starters, if the car is over 10 years old and over 100K miles, there’s a good chance they wont take the vehicle. While Kelley Blue Book says your car holds a trade in value, note, Kelley Blue Book doesn’t physically buy cars. In fact if most dealers could sell cars at what KBB states, they’d be rich people. You might be better off considering using a car buying company such as ours or donating to charity.

With that being said, if your car doesn’t fall into the above category, when the dealer asks you that first question do you have a vehicle to trade? Your answer is, NO!

Once a dealer knows you have a vehicle for trade, they will have to come up with numbers that will not seem offensive but enticing to make a deal. Negotiate a deal for they purchase of your new car or truck first. Get your numbers where you want them to be. When it all looks good, now ask them the question, what would you offer me if I decided to trade in my car. This backs the dealer into a corner so he cant play games with the value of your trade. In many cases your trade may come in considerably lower than what you thought. If you don’t use this tactic, your trade in value will most likely be higher, and so will your new car buy price. They’ll over inflate you value to make you feel better about the deal but you will be overpaying for the new car.

It’s always best to get multiple estimates on what your car or truck may be worth when selling. Should you need an estimate on your current vehicle, feel free to call us directly at (888) 589-1904 or fill out this short questionnaire.

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