Cash for Cars info is proud to promote it’s new aggressive car buying campaign introducing it to the internet. Most automobile owners typically run into pitfalls trying to maximize what they might get for their used cars or trucks. The biggest problem is they just cannot figure out what is the true value. Pricing guides such as Kelly Blue Book are just that, guides that lack human element. Without having new, updated detail information from actual sale sources it can take weeks before their guides are caught up and by that time the market most likely has changed giving flawed information.

Cash for Cars uses a wide variety of pricing sources. In all fairness, we gather useful information from actual sales results from dealer only transactions from the industries largest dealer auction chains, Manheim and Adessa. With this information, we can adjust for trends and take data from several weeks to give a composite of what we think your car might be with.

We also offer direct car buying services paying cash to our customers. Our New York / New Jersey affiliate network also gives you the opportunity to get quicker results in case of a seller back log.

Our website offers free quotes for all types of cars, trucks or vans in all conditions. Collision vehicles are also welcome. For a quote, please call toll free at (888) 589-1904 or visit Click Here for an instant car quote.

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